PancakeSwap news: Lies, delays and wrong priorities

Voice of reason
3 min readNov 22, 2020

So what are the news from PancakeSwap regarding the Syrup incident?

  • Ignoring
  • More accusations
  • Lies
  • Mocking their own investors
  • Delays
  • Wrong priorites

That is not a vote. The news are all of the above. Lets start with:


A developer noticed the Syrup bug in the code on 3 Nov 2020 and contacted the PancakeSwap to warn them. He was ignored.

More accusations

On 19 Nov, the user who originally reported the Syrup bug to the PancakeSwap team (and was ignored), decided to contact them so he can return the funds he made from the Syrup exploit.

Instead of:

  • accepting this offer and sharing these funds with the affected syrup users (and concetrate on finding all the funds from the syrup exploit);

The PancakeSwap team decided to:

  • continue with their witch hunt, trying to put the blame on one single user, while they are the ones who had bad code and advertised it as audited (which resulted in huge losses for their investors).


On Monday, 16 November, the PancakeSwap team said that there will be a vote regarding the affected syrup users this week (between 16.11.2020 and 22.11.2020).
That week is now over, and that post was just another lie.

Lets mention that in the process of saying this, the PancakeSwap team used the occassion to silently accuse the syrup holders again, referring to them as people who “accidently” bought syrup (like it is their own fault).

Delays and wrong priorites

Originally, making a vote for the syrup issue was planned to be between 09.11.2020 and 15.11.2020, however that was delayed because PancakeSwap decided that making an IFO is a bigger priority.

So let me clarify that: A team that had a bug in their contract and made their investors lose over $500,000 decides that it is more important to work on an IFO, instead of resolving their current issues.

And to put it more simple: That is like bulding a house, noticing that the ground floor is not really good, but continuing to build on top of it and hope for the best.
But at the end, the builder won’t live in the house, the investors will, so who cares if the house crashes on top of them.

Mocking their own investors

After all the mistakes the PancakeSwap team made, instead of seeing that their investors are getting worried, the PancakeSwap team decides to mock them, saying they are leaving the project because (let me quote this): “their hands are weak”.

This kinda shows who is leading PancakeSwap. It is just a matter of time before this house of cards loses its “unofficial” support from the big players, and go down in flames.