Disclosing PancakeSwap, the first scam and cover up on Binance Smart Chain

Certik’s official audit on PancakeSwap’s contract/code. Clearly a fake audit since the code was buggy and exploited.
The warnings for trading syrup. Only advising you to be careful, not stating that you could lose money due to falsely audited contract.
  1. You can farm Cake with liqudity
  2. You can stake Cake to get more Cake
  3. You can stake Syrup to get new tokens
The syrup announcement which devalued syrup to almost 0.
  1. The actual exploiters, which can be traced with the help of Binance.
  2. Certik, as an auditor of the code which was exploited
  3. Pancakeswap, for trying to hide the exploit, misinforming its users and accusing them.




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