It seems most yield optimizers published incident reports (and some accused each other) for the Venus issue their encountered, but no one explained what really happened in layman terms.
Let me do that, so everyone can understand.

Yield optimizers and leveraging

Yield optimizers are using strategies which supply one asset, borrow more of the…

So what are the news from PancakeSwap regarding the Syrup incident?

  • Ignoring
  • More accusations
  • Lies
  • Mocking their own investors
  • Delays
  • Wrong priorites

That is not a vote. The news are all of the above. Lets start with:


A developer noticed the Syrup bug in the code on 3 Nov 2020…

This is a step by step tutorial for Depositing in the Vaults (auto-compounding) and Staking in the Farms (farming ACS) at
using Advanced Crypto Strategies, which will allow us to:

  • farm Cake, auto-trade it to our chosen LP token, and compound it in a chosen Vault
  • farm the native…

6 days passed since our original medium article was published.

To this day, there is still no action taken by PancakeSwap, Certik or Binance.

11/11/2020, hypocritical announcements

Today, 11/11/2020, PancakeSwap announced that they are working with Beefy to help Beefy’s users who were affected by the Syrup scam.

This puts PancakeSwap developers in…

PancakeSwap, a platform that will gladly rob it’s users after it released broken code onto them.

The same code they claimed is Audited by Certik.
They also claimed the user’s funds were protected by CertiKShield’s program.

Now Certik says that the code was actually “partially” audited and no one gets…

PancakeSwap ( is a decentralized exchange running on Binance Smart Chain, with lots of other features that let you earn and win tokens.

It also lets you lose a lot of money due to a flaw in their contract.

The contract is also “audited” by Certik ( …

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